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Since Mar 18, 2004

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Noel Valladares dives but cannot save the goal
Honduran keeper Noel Valladares dives but can't stop Landon Donovan's penalty kick. US 1 - Honduras 1 in the 37th minute.
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Landon Donovan evens it up

Landon Donovan scores
Landon Donovan pushes a penalty kick past Noel Valladares of Honduras.
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Ramon Nunez has an awesome mohawk

Ramon Nunez
Ramon Nunez has possibly the greatest mohawk since Mr. T.
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Oguchi Onyewu

Oguchi Onyewu
Oguchi Onyewu is a starting central defender for the United States Men's national soccer team. 'Guch is superb!
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Carlos Costly

Carlos Costly
Carlos Costly of Honduras plays against the US Mens National team at Soldier Field. Costly scored a goal in the fifth minute of the match.
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Carlos Bocanegra

Carlos Bocanegra
Carlos Bocanegra pushes the ball upfield against Honduras. He is pursued by Carlos Costly. Both Bocanegra and Costly scored in the World Cup qualifier.
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Jozy Altidore taunts the Honduran fans

Jozy Altidore
Jozy Altidore taunts the Honduran fans before the USMNT match against Honduras. Despite the Honduran fan's loud cheers, Jozy can't hear them.
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Positioning the wall

Honduras Positions the Wall
Noel Valladares positions Ramon Nunez (#10) and Amada Guevara (#7) as referee Mauricio Morales prepares to blow the whistle.
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Justin Mapp takes a corner kick

Justin Mapp
Justin Mapp takes a corner kick in the second half of the game against FC Dallas on May 31, 2009.

FC Dallas goal off a corner kick

FC Dallas cornerkick
FC Dallas scores on a corner kick. Jeff Cunningham, not in the picture, got his head on the ball and knocked it past Jon Busch for the first goal of the match.
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