Search Results for 2009-04-18,2017:/cgi-bin/mt//feed/2009-04-18 2017-11-18T19:17:17Z Movable Type 4.23-en 28 1 28 Wrigley Field - on tilt - Aisle 134,2009:/pictures//6.678 2009-05-16T06:18:30Z 2009-05-16T06:22:55Z Byron Wrigley Field - for the birds,2009:/pictures//6.677 2009-05-16T06:14:33Z 2009-05-16T06:18:10Z Byron Skip Schumaker and Chris Duncan collide,2009:/pictures//6.676 2009-05-16T06:04:53Z 2009-05-16T06:14:11Z Byron Albert Pujols chats with Geovany Soto,2009:/pictures//6.675 2009-05-16T05:58:55Z 2009-05-16T06:04:24Z Byron The bottom of the ninth,2009:/pictures//6.674 2009-05-16T05:52:42Z 2009-05-16T05:57:27Z Byron Neal Cotts delivers,2009:/pictures//6.673 2009-05-16T05:47:50Z 2009-05-16T05:52:22Z Byron Milton Bradley at bat,2009:/pictures//6.672 2009-05-16T05:39:05Z 2009-05-16T05:46:46Z Byron Miller Lite Billboard - Tastes Great with Wings,2009:/pictures//6.671 2009-05-16T05:32:40Z 2009-05-16T05:38:44Z Byron The Cubs Celebrate Aramis Ramirez' walk-off home run,2009:/pictures//6.638 2009-04-19T05:58:39Z 2009-04-19T06:13:27Z Byron Mike Quade encourages Derrek Lee,2009:/pictures//6.659 2009-04-19T05:42:59Z 2009-04-21T05:54:31Z Byron Micah Hoffpauir, wearing shades, playing the outfield, being cool,2009:/pictures//6.658 2009-04-19T05:38:56Z 2009-04-21T05:42:48Z Byron Micah Hoffpauir takes a pitch,2009:/pictures//6.657 2009-04-19T05:33:57Z 2009-04-21T05:38:40Z Byron Matt Sinatro, Cubs first base coach,2009:/pictures//6.656 2009-04-19T05:29:21Z 2009-04-21T05:33:34Z Byron Kyle Lohse, stride and deliver,2009:/pictures//6.655 2009-04-19T05:24:56Z 2009-04-21T05:29:02Z Byron Khalil Greene dinks one toward right,2009:/pictures//6.653 2009-04-18T07:28:15Z 2009-04-19T07:32:52Z Byron Kevin Gregg delivers,2009:/pictures//6.652 2009-04-18T07:18:38Z 2009-04-19T07:28:58Z Byron Kevin Gregg, who typically closes, was brought in with men on first and second in the eighth inning with none out. In his best outing of the young season, Gregg struck out Joe Thurston and Colby Rasmus before inducing a... Joey Gathright takes a hack,2009:/pictures//6.651 2009-04-18T07:11:57Z 2009-04-19T07:18:17Z Byron Jay Cutler sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame,2009:/pictures//6.650 2009-04-18T07:07:49Z 2009-04-19T07:11:44Z Byron Jason Motte,2009:/pictures//6.649 2009-04-18T07:01:38Z 2009-04-19T07:07:33Z Byron Horseshoe Casino ad at Wrigley Field,2009:/pictures//6.648 2009-04-18T06:55:45Z 2009-04-19T07:01:13Z Byron