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Since Mar 18, 2004

Results tagged “Sheffield Rooftops”

Miller Lite Billboard - Tastes Great with Wings

Miller Lite Billboard - Tastes Great with Wings
The Miller Lite Billboard across the street from Wrigley Field: Tastes Great with Wings. Miller Lite changes the slogan for each homestand, and typically takes a jab at the Cubs' opponent (the Cardinals in this instance).

Ivy League Baseball Club - still under construction

Ivy League Baseball Club under construction
The Ivy League Baseball Club, which missed the 2008 season due to construction, is still being renovated as of April 18, 2009.

Wrigley Field Sunset - July 2008

Wrigley Field Sunset
The Sun sets beyond the left field corner of Wrigley Field. This picture was captured from the Wrigley Done Right Rooftop.

Wrigley Done Right - Bar area

Wrigley Done Right Bar area
A bartender at Wrigley Done Right serves one of the patrons in the rooftop bar. The windows look out over the playing field.

Wrigley Done Right - Street View

Wrigley Done Right
Wrigley Done Right rooftop at 3621 N. Sheffield Avenue, picture taken from street level

Murphy's Bleachers 3649 N. Sheffield Avenue

Murphy's Bleachers
The Murphy's Bleachers rooftop, located at 3649 N. Sheffield Avenue, pictured on June 10, 2008.

Skybox on Sheffield

Skybox on Sheffield
The Skybox on Sheffield rooftop, located at 3627 N. Sheffield, between the Miller Lite Billboard building and Wrigley Done Right.


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