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Since Mar 18, 2004

Results tagged “Fire”

Justin Mapp takes a corner kick

Justin Mapp
Justin Mapp takes a corner kick in the second half of the game against FC Dallas on May 31, 2009.

FC Dallas goal off a corner kick

FC Dallas cornerkick
FC Dallas scores on a corner kick. Jeff Cunningham, not in the picture, got his head on the ball and knocked it past Jon Busch for the first goal of the match.

Shane Moody

Shane Moody
Shane Moody, MLS Referee, in action during the Fire vs. FC Dallas game on May 31, 2009. I felt Moody was a little loose with the yellow cards, but otherwise he did a decent job.

Patrick Nyarko - The Virgin Mary?

Patrick Nyarko
Patrick Nyarko prepares for a game against FC Dallas. Don't you think he looks like that one picture of the Virgin Mary?

Nick Noble, friend of the kids!

Nick Noble
Nick Noble, a backup goalkeeper for the Chicago Fire, signs autographs before a game.

Mike Banner

Mike Banner
Mike Banner, a midfielder for the Chicago Fire, prepares for the match against FC Dallas on Sunday, May 31, 2009. Banner entered the game as a substitute for Chris Rolfe in the 67th minute.

Marco Pappa - a ready made Adidas ad

Marco Pappa
Marco Pappa should be in an Adidas ad.

Gonzalo Segares as Captain Morgan

Gonzalo Segares
Gonzalo Segares speaks with a suited individual during pre-game warm-ups. Email me if you know who the other fellow is.

CJ Brown - Fire Captain

CJ Brown
CJ Brown, a Chicago Fire original, warms up before the FC Dallas game. CJ started his second game of the year and reclaimed his captain's arm-band from Brian McBride.

Chris Rolfe before the match

Chris Rofle
Chris Rolfe warms up prior to the game on Sunday. Rolfe started against FC Dallas, but didn't have a particularly good match. He was subbed out for Mike Banner in the 67th minute.

Baggio Husidic

Baggio Husidic
Baggio Husidic, Chicago Fire Midfielder, warms up before the FC Dallas game. Husidic was subbed in for Justin Mapp in the 75th minute.

Tim Ward

Tim Ward
Chicago Fire defender Tim Ward before a match against the Seattle Sounders. Tim Ward, who previously played for the Columbus Crew and Colorado Rapids was signed before the 2009 season and has cracked the Fire's starting eleven.

Marco Pappa in preparation

Marco Pappa of the Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire midfielder Marco Pappa sidesteps across the pitch as part of his warm-up routine prior to the Fire's match against the Seattle Sounders on May 2, 2009. Pappa is a young Guatamalan who will likely end up in Europe before long.

Jon Busch stretches pre-game

Jon Busch
Jon Busch stretches near the North (Harlem) end of Toyota Park. Fans in Section 8 (the supporters section) always like to cheer for Jon.

Jon Busch is focused, are you?

Jon Busch
Jon Busch is focused like a laser as he prepares to face the Seattle Sounders at Toyota Park.

Chicago Fire 1, Seattle Sounders 1 - May 2, 2009 - Toyota Park

Fire attackers and Sounders defensemen run in transition.
Nathan Sturgis (#12 front), Osvaldo Alonso (#6), and Freddie Ljungberg (#10) of the Seattle Sounders (in green) retreat as Cuauhtemoc Blanco (#10) and Gonzalo Segares (top left) press on the counterattack. Referee Jasen Anno keeps an eye on the action.

Chris Rolfe warming up in a yellow penney

Chris Rolfe
Chicago Fire forward Chris Rolfe warms up prior to a match against the Seattle Sounders at Toyota Park. Despite leading the Fire in goal scored for the past two years, Rolfe has been used as a sub early in the season after a bout with the flu at the end o

Tim Ward and Luke Sassano tangle in pursuit of the ball

Tim Ward and Luke Sassano
Tim Ward (Fire) and Luke Sassano (Red Bulls) jockey for position. Jorge Rojas (Red Bulls) looks on as Tim Weyland officiates.

Marco Pappa challenges Luke Sassano

Marco Pappa and Luke Sassano
Marco Pappa of the Chicago Fire challenges Luke Sassano of the New York Red Bulls. The Fire went on to win the match 1-0.

Chicago Fire starting eleven vs Earthquakes on June 28, 2008

Chicago Fire starting eleven
The Chicago Fire starting eleven against the San Jose Earthquakes on June 28, 2008
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